More KDE-PIM Features

In today's exciting episode of "The KDE-PIM Features Branch" we have

  • Monur's KMail tagging patch that "...introduces custom tagging support for emails..."

  • Johnathan's KMail Templates patch "...There is a new special folder "templates"; messages can be copied into here just like any other, or saved here using the 'Message - Save as Template' menu option in the composer window. This folder works similarly to the "drafts" folder; double-clicking on a message or choosing the "Use Template" option on the popup menu starts the composer on a copy of that message, but does not of course delete the original template message..."

  • From me, in the Kontact Summary:
    - Appointments RMB menu to Edit and Delete
    - To-Dos RMB menu to Edit, Delete, or Mark Completed

Find all these goodies in $SVN/branches/work/kdepim-3.5.5+.

The more testing and feedback we get the better chance we have to include these new features in future KDE 3.5.x releases. I'm planning to close down the branch for new features to be considered for KDE 3.5.6 on or about 1 November.


While it's nice to have these new features in KMail, some people are scared that KMail will delete their IMAP folders. See Hubert Figuiere's post:

KMail was promissing as a mail reader... until it deleted my INBOX.

Others have reported the same problem with recent versions of KMail.

By vladc at Tue, 10/24/2006 - 15:42

... what happened to making backups before trying any software on a production machine? Stable software or not. Yes noone does it but we as programmers are human and make mistakes. If you are foolish enough to trust us with your valuable data without a backup then whatever happens was coming to you anyway and it would not have mattered which application it was that deletes stuff.

By Otto Bruggeman at Tue, 10/24/2006 - 20:04

Now that was a rather negative reply.
Laughing at someone who lost his email and asks why we add features when there are trust issues at work..

A much better response would have been that the kdepim codebase needs a lot of work to get the basics sorted out before things like dimap dataloss can successfully be eliminated. Which is done in trunk and only a handfull of people have the guts to work on that.
Others that want to just work on the sidelines can, and have, added features. Which you see the result of in this blog :)

By Thomas Zander at Tue, 10/24/2006 - 20:18

Who said anything about features? I merely state that when you try out any software, commercial or open source and you value your data that you better make a backup first. Otherwise you call it upon yourself when shit happens.

Yes a lot of time is spent on new features because they are more fun to do and those are not always bugfree or destabilize the older codebase since they want to check in code asap and not properly tets it. But how about this: for every new feature you should at least fix 3 outstanding bugs that are there longer than 6 months and create an automated test for each of them including the new feature so the bugs never happens again and your new feature can be properly tested for regressions. Guess what people will leave the project faster than you can propose this so this is not a solution either.

The only solution is to not give any guarantees about software and which is what is in just about every EULA you agree to on the windows platform and if i remember correctly is also in some form in the GPL. People accept the license and should not bitch if data gets lost. Period.

By Otto Bruggeman at Wed, 10/25/2006 - 18:47

Tagging on an IMAP server with a shared account would be fantastic :)

By krake at Tue, 10/24/2006 - 18:20