Sculpting Solid

Most of my development effort at Akademy this year has been on the network management part of Solid. I gave a talk on the present and future of KDE network management and this went pretty well. This year I learned not to even bring my laptop near a projector and used Aaron's instead. Before giving my talk I had been worried that the content was a bit obvious but I wanted to go through how to monitor and respond to changes in connectivity in KDE 3 and 4 so that app developers can give their users a better time when the network goes a way, so i just presented everything step by step and it was pretty well received.

After the talk I just had to convert words to deeds, and that is about to become visible when Kévin Ottens merges Solid into kdelibs today. One more bit of KDE 4 coalescing and dropping into place. Together we've got the API documented, sanity checked and improved in several places, and we have a fake backend ready that can be used to develop Solid based network management user interfaces without dealing with the whims of a real networking subsystem.

Next up, a DBUS+NetworkManager backend...