You know you work at SUSE when...

... your fridge contains less than the one at work. A couple of years ago, when I was new in Nuremberg, Adrian told me that most people at SUSE never eat at home, and some people who had newish flats still had the cellophane on the kitchen hardware and appliances. I laughed at the time, being a cook-it-yourself type of guy, but now, on my way to Akademy and making sure that nothing will go off, I realised that there was pretty much nothing to spoil there. So, in an obvious attempt to kickstart another geek blog meme, here's the contents of my fridge:

  • One bottle of bloke coke
  • Half a bottle of Müller-Thurgau
  • Maple syrup
  • Thai curry paste (never goes off and I WILL cook with it again, I swear
  • 1L Chocolate soya milk (now consumed)
  • 1L fresh orange juice (now consumed)
  • One yogurt that I'm not supposed to eat (now consumed>

And now I'm ready for a week of happy hacking on Akonadi and network management at Akademy. So I ask - what's going off in your fridge while you're there?
I'm off to get my flight now. See you in Dublin!