aKademy 2006 Keysigning Party

Wondered this morning why there is no GPG/PGP keysigning scheduled for next week's akademy 2006. Obviously it was forgotten, so after a quick query with the organization team about a free time slot I just posted this to akademy-announce:

What is/Why keysigning? =>

If you intend to participate please send a mail with nothing but your KeyID 
(or KeyIDs) in the body to [email protected] by Thursday, Sep 21st 14:00 GMT. 
Subject does not matter. If you have more than one key put each KeyID into a 
line of its own. Make sure your key can be found on hkp://

On that Thursday evening you will be able to fetch a text file giving the 
fingerprint of each participating key. Please check your fingerprint of your 
key. Also compute the MD5 (and SHA1 hash) of the list and bring a print-out
together with some form of government issued ID (passport or similar).

If you miss above deadline you can still get your key signed at the party by 
printing snippet_s_ with the fingerprint of your key to give to all people.

So the magic number mumbling will happen again this year. :-)


For those who didn't send their key but still want to participate, print key snippets and get the particpant list from here.

By at Thu, 09/21/2006 - 14:03