KPhotoAlbum Splash Screen Contest is almost over

Just one more day (till tonight midnight), and the KPhotoAlbum splash screen contest is over. I am truely impressed with the amount and quality of submissions. Have a look at

I promissed the KPhotoAlbum community that I for once (ahem) would not be a cruel dictator, but instead allow them to vote on which one we would use. And am I glad I did that, there is at least 5-6 which I simply can't choose among, because they are so good :-)

Any suggestions on how to run such a vote is more than welcome.


Upload them to, and whichever one gets the best score wins? Of course, kde-look doesn't have much protection for abuse, but we're all adults here right? :)

By leos at Fri, 09/15/2006 - 06:32