KDE in Lisbon

Well, it happened that this year I went in Lisbon for my summer holidays (ah, btw, it was a great fun) and walking along one of the main streets, just near the well known Rossio (Dom Pedro IV) square, it also happened that I got into a currency exchange office where I found something like 4 or 6 computers (I don't remember precisely) that were used as an internet point for tourists. This is what I saw:
[image:2303 align=center size=preview]

Just great :)


Heck, I've been to the same square only a couple of weeks ago, but didn't see that one! But then we got our Euros out of the wall...

Don't forget to visit the wine store in the (southern) short street connecting the two squares, by the way :-)

By sebas at Thu, 08/31/2006 - 15:54

Well, just sometimes, but just somtimes, I love my country (Portugal) :-P
They should be running Caixa Mágica Linux (, a Portuguese Linux/GNU distribuition based on SUSE. The bad thing about it is that maybe Caixa Mágica will migrate to GNOME and I think I know why... because, and as I said, Caixa Mágica is a SUSE based distro so they copy 98% (in my point of view) of SUSE and then add some their own apps (like xLucas, a control panel, instead of Yast and xLicas, Caixa Mágica graphical installer).

By carlos goncalves at Thu, 08/31/2006 - 16:46

In the small (touristic) village I live in, Ericeira, there's a Cyber Cafe KDE driven.

Never been there (well, I live here so it's really cheaper at home) but seen it some times through the window. It is on a central place so I pass there many times.

Hopefully it is not Caixa Magica but a real distro :/


By Jose Celestino at Thu, 08/31/2006 - 21:12

Wow, nice to see another Portuguese guy here and better to know that we have a Cyber Cafe running Linux with KDE in our little county. ;-)

BTW, do you know what's distro they're running?

By carlos goncalves at Fri, 09/01/2006 - 12:41