kde, compiz and alt+f2: lets make it possible

Yeah, I fell into the trap too. It's a toy, just a toy. But I can't ignore eyecandy =)

There's some annoying 'g' dependancy on it for now, but I couldn't resist. Most of you will also have experimented with it, and possibly found that your dear minicli is no more accessible through Alt+F2 shortcut. Of course, this is unacceptable for me, given I use it at least 99 times a day. And possibly annoying for you too, right?

After digging myself for quite some time, and desperate not to find anything, not even a single cheap trick from the SuSE guys promoting all this (maybe it's just google gone bad?) , I thought... okay, you've got DCOP there, ... it can't be that difficult... and indeed it's was soooo simple at the end... Now I wonder why such a nice tool is being replaced ;)

Anyway, straight to the point. Here are the instructions:

Open GRegedit. Sorry, errrm... gconf-editor, I mean. And go into apps->compiz->general->allscreens->options
Find entry "command0", and type in.... "dcop kdesktop KDesktopIface popupExecuteCommand"
on the "run_command0_key", enter... "<Alt>F2"

There will be another entry with the same Alt+F2 shortcut, and that's "run_key" entry. I haven't figured out how to setup the run application, so I just ditched this one, so that there was no shortcut conflicts. Set it to "<Alt>foo" "Disabled", or whatever you please there.

Et voilá. KDE (3) is great again, will KDE (4) be even greater? and KDE (4) will be even greater!

Just my 2 euro cents.


Thanks for the tip, i was really annoyed by not being able to use
that damn alt+f2. Anyway "dcop kdesktop KDesktopIface popupExecuteCommand"
doesn't works on KDE4, but you can simply put "krunner" on command0 entry instead :).
Now i just need to find a way to load a different ccsm configuration according to session type,
to be able to use the run command on both sessions without further tweaks... Any ideas?

By teonimesic at Wed, 06/04/2008 - 13:48