Artists Attention please, join the KPhotoAlbum splash screen contest!

Today Christoph Moseler managed to push me over the edge. Several times people have complained that the KPhotoAlbum splash screen was a combination of ugly, ugly and non relating to KPhotoAlbum. So far I've managed to tell people to go and take a hike, but today I gave up :-)

Therefore, I started a contest to make a new splash screen for KPhotoAlbum. I hope lots of talented artist will participate.


I recall when long ago Kontact had a splashscreen. Looked pretty fancy as well!
Only thing was, the app shows itself within a couple of seconds and a splashscreen is just annoying since it will be visible too short.

I don't have KPhotoAlbum installed, but I have to wonder if you asked the question to remove the splash instead of replace it..


By Thomas Zander at Thu, 08/24/2006 - 19:35