KDE "Krash" RPMs for SUSE Linux

The important warning first: this is only for developers and not openSUSE 10.2 stuff! KDE has released a first development snapshot of KDE4 and the KDE:KDE4 project in the openSUSE Build Service has RPMs of qt, kdelibs, kdepimlibs and kdebase for SUSE Linux 10.0 and up. These are raw RPMs of the compiled stuff, not integrated with the distribution at all (won't install to /usr, won't let you choose the session from kdm etc.). Again, these snapshot and the RPMs are only for developers. If you don't know (or are able to figure out from documentation) how to change a test user account to start it then better don't consider to download.


Hi: since you are also promoting the Suse VMware images: why don't you set up a VMware Suse image which has a KDE 4 session installed, together with a preconfigured KDE 4 user?

That would be very useful for other developers, I guess, because in such a case they could have a complete development platform which they could screw up without the need to care about their real system. And if they would really totally screw it up, they could easily reinstall it.

(Although I am not a developer ) I guess that would help quite a log of people!

If you need any help a normal user can provide, just ask me.


By liquidat at Sat, 08/19/2006 - 12:33

You're sure that you are not posing a disguised request for a user usable KDE 4 installation while there is no user usable KDE 4? ;-) I don't think a developer needs or wants such a VMware image. And he wouldn't be a good developer if he fears to screw up his system.

By at Sat, 08/19/2006 - 12:43

Ok, it was just an idea - I followed a bit the discussion around setting up KDE 4 half a year ago, and there were plenty of problems.

But ok, if there is no need, than I haven't said anything :)

By liquidat at Sat, 08/19/2006 - 17:48