fun stuff to do :)

Last night I discovered a new, and really enjoyable, activity to
try to get out of my boredom and depression, and no for the perverts out there I'm not talking about masturbation... for the one I'm talking about you need more equipment, I know some perverts will say you can use a lot of thing to do it ...

Ok back to the real subject, like I'm trying to say, I discovered that dumping coffee beans one by one in the coffee grinder can be fun ... it's even more fun if you imagine that the beans is someone or something that pissed you off in your life ...

I know it's stupid but it's a lot better than harming (?) myself using a nail gun and my private parts :D


"a lot better than harming (?) myself using a nail gun and my private parts" - hmm... how does one go about harming themselves with their private parts?

back on track - I've started my own little recovery process as well (just got off my anti-depressive medication which I've been on for two years or so).

I like to take old electronics and take all the parts out of them using my soldering iron. I'm trying to figure out how the individual parts work. So far I've discovered that if you plug a car battery into a transistor, then the transistor will explode. that was fun.

Also, I've started playing with Lego again. I used to make tiny BattleStar Galactica ships when I was a kid. I wonder if I could teach my own son to appreciate 70s/80s sci-fi shows.

By kae at Wed, 08/16/2006 - 11:18

I never saw the old BSG show, but just by looking at screenshots in the internet... no. But the new BSG show is great!!! Super story, super regie, super actors, super music and super special effects. I love it.

About exploading electronics: Attach a electrolyt capacitor to the power point (230V~), but don't stay and watch. Leave the room!

By Mathias Panzenböck at Wed, 08/16/2006 - 15:19

I managed to get my old Color Computer 3 and my C-64 working so
I spend a lot of time playing old games, which imho have better gameplay than the current movie-like craps :D

By Mathieu Chouinard at Wed, 08/16/2006 - 18:52