Hacking at aKademy

While I have been a KDE developer for ages, this will be my first KDE conference and I am even one of the few lucky ones that had their talk proposal excepted :)

Btw, talking about luck: has anyone else not yet received confirmation about their hostel reservation/payment?

Anyway, since I am currently not directly working on any KDE core parts, I am pondering what I will be hacking on during the coding marathon.

I am thinking about bringing the D-Bus Qt3 Bindings Backport up-to-date, or maybe porting kabcclient to KDE4 and working on Akonadi in the process.
The D-Bus bindings would be useful for implementing the DAPI aka Portland 2 API interfaces on KDE3, but I guess the KDE PIM developers wouldn't mind getting some helping hand either.

What do other "free lancers" plan to work on?


I received confirmation just some days after payment, by ordinary mail. Maybe you should contact them just to be sure ?

By alfredo beaumont at Fri, 08/11/2006 - 09:02

I did reply to Marcus Furlong's offer to look into it about two weeks ago.

Maybe they just don't like Austrians :)

By krake at Fri, 08/11/2006 - 10:17