Open Source Graphics Drivers

Those of you who are tired of battling with binary graphic driver blobs will be pleased to learn about Keith Packard's announcement today.

The Intel® 965 Express Chipset represents the first product family that implements fourth generation Intel graphics architecture. Designed to support advanced rendering features in modern graphics APIs, this chipset family includes support for programmable vertex, geometry, and fragment shaders. By open sourcing the drivers for this new technology, Intel enables the open source community to experiment, develop, and contribute to the continuing advancement of open source 3D graphics.

Following the release of this driver, future work will continue in the public and Mesa project source code repositories. The project Web site, , will serve as the central site for users of Intel graphics hardware in open source operating systems.

Update: More coverage at CNET


mmhh, just when AMD acquires ATI. :)
Ok i'm extrapolating, we aren't even sure if AMD will open his new babes.


By omar at Wed, 08/09/2006 - 21:24

This is great news, even better is that the laptop I'm about to buy has a chipset this driver supports!

By Richard Moore at Wed, 08/09/2006 - 21:48

It is great that intel is opensourcing drivers, while on the other size projects like nouveau will rock :)

By Maurizio Monge at Thu, 08/10/2006 - 01:44

I really hope Intel will sell a lot of those graphics chipsets and show AMD how to do it properly.

Apart from that, what about the specifications for the graphics stuff, so that also the non-Intel/Tungsten people can work on it without hindrance?

By jakob petsovits at Thu, 08/10/2006 - 07:25