Happy Birthday openSUSE!
Exactly one year ago Novell announced the openSUSE project to develop its Linux distribution, which is also the base for the Linux enterprise products, in an open way. I was one of the first to download Beta 1 of SUSE Linux 10.0, shortly after I switched the sides (btw there are several open jobs at SUSE in Germany).

Since then the interest in SUSE increased significantly. In some areas we received great community involvement like the Wiki now being available in not less than 14 languages. Also the build service while still being in Alpha phase attracts developers and will be a central part during next months for more openness of the development. Other stuff like the localization portal is still under development and will allow even more people to participate in the development of the distribution (and derivates).

Sometimes things seem to progress a bit slowly (especially if you look at them every day) and bumpy but I think until the end of the year we will have all central parts of the project nicely running and have a cute openSUSE 10.2 release under your christmas tree. Beyond I can't imagine yet how openSUSE will look like when it becomes two years old. That also depends on your involvement! :-)