Annoying mailinglists.

There are two basic settings for a mailinglist with regards to where replies go to. The one KDE uses is that replying goes to the list. An older standard is that replying goes to the person that send the mail. This distinction is very annoying to make each time you switch mailboxes. KMail already makes it easier for you by having a feature that a mailinglist can be associated with a folder. But that one is not very foolproof, and I like playing a fool when it comes to software :)
For example; private emails I get normally go into my inbox, but I still need to archive them, so I move them to the mailinglist folder if they are appropriate. Pressing reply on such a mail will make kmail send my reply to the mailinglist. I already send some pretty embarrassing mails like that to publicly archived places.
So, I don't use that feature anymore.

I found out a new way to do this, its pretty darn simple. In KMails filter dialog I sort the incoming email to the right folder and I also set the reply to. That's a neat feature I only recently discovered!

Open your filter dialog (settings->configure filters...) for an existing rule that sorts your mail to a folder, click on 'more' in the 'filter rules' section.
Then alter the new combobox to 'Set Reply-to To'. And then copy paste the email address of the mailinglist in the line edit. Press ok.

I hope it will save you as much frustration as it did me :)


But... KMail has a special action for this, 'reply to mailing list' (the 'L' key) which should be just what you want. It takes the List-Post header from the mail and makes sure the reply goes to the list regardless of the reply-to header, so you as a user don't have to bother.

Likewise there's 'reply to author' (shift-A) to make sure you send an off-list reply regardless of the reply-to setting.

These two actions alone are what keeps me with KMail :)


By Martijn Klingens at Sat, 08/05/2006 - 15:57

I'm probably not the only one that finds it easier to just use reply if that indeed keeps working as expected in 95% of the cases, so I don't have to learn 2 new actions :)

By Thomas Zander at Sat, 08/05/2006 - 19:19

The only additional functionality that associating a mailing-list with a folder give you is that you can more easily create a new message to a mailing-list. (FWIW, I always simply click on the mailing list address in an existing message instead.)

For replying the association is unnecessary (provided the mailing-list properly announces its address in the List-Post header) because KMail will automatically do a reply-to-list if you reply to a mailing-list message. (Yes, I know that many people don't like this smart reply.)

So I wonder why you need the weird workaround you've introduced. And I wonder because of which functionality you did actually use folder<->mailing-list associations.

By Ingo Klöcker at Sun, 08/06/2006 - 17:51

Smart reply works in various cases, but it doesn't work in even more cases. It seems to be based on the sender. From some people the replies always go to their personal address. Not sure why.

If the smart reply worked perfectly, you are right, I don't need this trick. But what are we to do, KMail needs at least one more release before its perfect :)

By Thomas Zander at Sun, 08/06/2006 - 18:36