Konsole4-ui / KBackground

So I created work/konsole4-ui to work on porting Konsole to XMLGUI (and LiveUI?). I'm also using as a test area for some ideas and code cleanup. So far so good, I got the session menus to work. The shortcuts are an issue I have to look into again. Things will be much better when I can actually run KDE4 so I can test session managment, config files, etc...

Many thanks to Robert Knight who has been doing a lot of work on Konsole' backend for KDE4.

I like APOD images and in general cool outer space images. I wanted to place these small images (400x400) on my KDE desktop in a certain location that didn't have anything else there. How to do this? No idea... :-( I couldn't find a single program KDE or not to handle this. KDE3 KControl/Background has a few issues... urgh! I hope KDE4 is "better".

Anyway, since I've coded KDE kdesktop/background DCOP before, I threw together a DCOP call to position an image on KDE's desktop. It is not perfect and it won't go into KDE3. But it works... :-)

void setWallpaper(int desk,QString wallpaper,int X,int Y)

dcop kdesktop KBackgroundIface setWallpaper 1 %s 400 0

The %s will get changed to the image... pretty cool!


there are at least 4 photo widgets for superkaramba. At least one of them would work fine for you, no or very little hacking required.

I found these in first 3 pages of Karamba section on kde-look.org
Riding With Robots - which is almost exactly up your valley.

By suslikreal at Sun, 07/30/2006 - 16:43

I did once put a webcam image into the background doing roughly the following:
Every minute a script fetched the webcam image. Then with the help of some ImageMagick I composed a background image combining my usual background with the webcam image. This combined image was then moved to a special folder in two copies. KDesktop was then setup to cycle through the images in the special folder. Yes, it's an awful hack but it did what I wanted.

By Ingo Klöcker at Sun, 07/30/2006 - 19:18