KDevelop 4 and Qt's new dockwidget tabs

With the release of Trolltech's java bindings it kinda feels like Christmas. I wanted to point out some more presents under the tree...

Look closely at the dockwidgets on the right of the image. See that? Recent versions of Qt 4.2 snapshot include a new Ideal like feature. When you drag a dockwidget completely on top of another an Ideal like tabbed bar is created. This is done entirely within Qt and any application which uses QMainWindow will have this functionality. Pretty cool, eh? :)

This is a screenshot of KDevelop 4 as it currently stands. As you can see, we now natively integrate Qt 4 designer. You can thank Matt Rogers and Roberto Raggi for this one. KDevelop 4 is going through some pretty incredible changes right now. Hopefully the dot is going to host an interview with some updates on what is going on. Stay tuned!


I hope the main window class will be improved in area of presenting focus information. For now I cannot guess where's the focus. My suggestion is to paint the active dock title with the "active title bar" colors.

Another issue is that there are no accelerators making the docks accessible with keyboard. For example "Property Editor" should be "P&roperty Editor" or so... Is this possible to set with the current API?

These are things I expected in Qt itself, not in KDElibs as it was the case for KDE3. And, please not in Qt4.5 or 5.0 but in 4.2...

By Jarosław Staniek at Fri, 07/28/2006 - 19:33

I happy to see that qt dock widget are now tabbed, this is a huge step forward IMHO.
Anyway some things are still missing, for instance it is still not possible to have to columns of dock widgets on the right, and it is not well designed to use only dock widgets with no central widget.
I think that ideal docks for me would be like those in visual studio (even if i don't like the arrows while dragging), or like kdevelop 3 docks.

By Maurizio Monge at Sun, 07/30/2006 - 19:35