How to publish certain facts... and keep them out of public awareness at the same time

Actually, I've now saved (as a web archive file) that Daily Mail news story mentioned in my previos blog entries. Just in case it "disappears" again. Or gets modified. From the beginning, it was already so well hidden even on the publishing website, that I was unable to find it by following a link from Daily Mail's portal page. Unless you knew and followed a direct link you'll never be aware of its existence. The story clearly isn't pushed by anyone, but rather played down. But see, we have a democracy, and whoever doubts that can easily be pointed to the fact that the incident indeed has been published. It was just that the electorate was not interested in it, and therefore we had to put other material on the front page.....

But what does wonder me even more is this:

  • not any one of the known "investigative journalism" players have so far picked it up
  • I was unable to find any hint about it on any international general news site
  • no mention of it on www.stern.de, www.spiegel.de, www.frankfurter-rundschau.de or www.tagesschau.de either

Is it that the Daily Mail (not exactly famous for their investigative journalism) did fall prey to a fake or hoax? (Hmm... if that happened, I guess their competitors would only be too happy to point that out and enjoy lots of Schadenfreude, no?)

Oh, well.... /me is going back to "Three Wise Monkeys"-mode now...


Yep. Who needs to be worried about arbitrary and unidentified terrorists getting hold of dangerous material by extreme means when your Government (who's using terrorism as an excuse for just about everything) can just give it away free of charge to anyone?

By segedunum at Tue, 07/25/2006 - 21:29