What's up with all these teams being unable to score and then claiming the referee was unfair? To remind everyone: this game is not about standing still and wait for the referee to signal penalty shoot out.

Having said that: the russian referee for Nuremberg wasn't really up to the unfairness of the match and it's sad that the rules do not allow the referee to watch on slow motions on TV - I'm sure we would have seen a red card in 8. minute and the match would have been another.

Beside that: I'm really looking forward for the match on friday, this city is not the same if good teams play - and Germany is one of them this time. You can feel the proud and see it in all faces and on everyone's shirt.


The referees followed the new FIFA directive to be more strict what to avenge with yellow cards and this screwed the play. Also the referees definitely - and especially in the eighth finals - were not good so far: Yellow cards, that should've been red ones, yellow cards that were none, too often they destroyed chances by claiming offside, even though this wasn't the case; When you can call the referee and his assistants responsible for the outcome of a match, they clearly did a bad job; And this was the case a few times. But who is to blame most is the FIFA, which apparently did a bad job adjusting the rules how referees shall punish players. Soccer isn't ballet.

By carlo at Tue, 06/27/2006 - 12:07