Proud husband

Since I've already written a very long on-topic entry today, I feel I can get away with an utterly off-topic personal entry, and a shameless plug. After years of translating fiction from English to German, writing articles and being a romance magazine editor, my wife managed to sell a couple of short stories to an American e-book publisher, and they were released on Monday. They've indicated that they'll be wanting to publish more of her stuff. I'm insanely proud of her and happy to see her succeed at what she loves doing. It's cool that she chose my last name (with an added "s", since the Americans always append that anyhow) as a pen name, after refusing it when we got married. ;) Check out her website for details. Gotta love a woman who writes smut for a living and codes her own CSS. :)


Your wife writes smut?
Lucky man, you can tell her that you can help rehearse some scene with her just to be sure that the scene works correctly :-)

Be careful, if I read her blog correctly she may ask you to wear Wolverines clothes for the rehearsals though :-P

By renox at Sat, 06/03/2006 - 20:58