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KWord refreshments for 2.0

Tuesday, 30 May 2006  |  zander

I've been blogging about the library flake a little over the last weeks; its a library thats going to be the graphical object handling library for KOffice 2.0.

The Wiki page shows the full set of features, but the first feature there lists:

    model view; multiple views of the same Shape, with different zoom levels.
I've retrofitted KWord to start using this library just recently and just minutes ago I committed the change to actually create new shapes in KWord. Currently those are just simple squares; but the plan is to make the tool create actual KWord-Frames soon.

Funny thing is that the multiple-view stuff already kind of works out of the box; I didn't need to do much for that and I've got a screeny to prove it!

Work continues, I'll keep you uptodate on further milestones :)

Update; wiki link fixed.