Installing opensuse 10.1 from the network.

I had a frustrating hour today, I wanted to install suse on this spare machine here so I can test the KOffice packages on that, and other distros.
I choose the small image that downloads everything during the install; which is what I always do for installing Debian. (not that I install that more then ones per machine, but still, familiarity gets you points : ).

So, a 36Mb download later I burn it to CD and boot from that. I follow the instructions on the webpage that tell me I have to enter the http address in the boot screen. Seems a bit weird that thats not hardcoded, but ok.

This resulted in me getting dumped into the text-yast without any error message and I reboot to try again, maybe I made a typo. Did that a couple of times, you get my drift.. After some reboots-retries I finally find the logs creen behind alt-F3 and read that the download of this image failed due to an error; http code: 302.

Hang on; thats not an error! Thats a normal way of the server telling the download software that it wants you to use a different url. Apparently that 36Mb image does not contain a proper piece of http download software. :(

On my different machine I figure out the redirected URL and try again; success.
The correct URL is;
Well, its downloading one 70Mb file now before I can start my installation. Not sure why that didn't go on the CD. Well, it makes at least me wish I bought the CDs...


I had the same problem here.

I know that the 302 forward is used to balance the load on the main server. This was done already with Suse 10.0. Why their network install cd is not capable of following the 302 is hidden in the mist, I guess.

Anyway, I prefer yum on Suse with the auto mirror-choose-system - it also works with Suse, and you can additionally enhance yum with other plugins. :)

By liquidat at Tue, 05/16/2006 - 13:22

For a much more fun Suse network install try installing only from OpenSuse's kernel and initrd images. (taken from the same 36Mb iso)

Sorta the only "easy" way of installing without a CD. The bonus: you will not be surprised with sudden GUI disappearances - there is just ncurses (sp?).

Also, in the north america (at least Los Angeles) mirrors are much more responsive than I highly favor

By suslikreal at Tue, 05/16/2006 - 18:26

Thanks a bunch for that URL, that one made it possible to install it in a reasonable timeframe :)
Naturally it was entirely unhelpful to see openoffice getting installed even while I deselected office in the package tree.
Oh, well.

By Thomas Zander at Thu, 05/18/2006 - 08:05

Zander, you made my day.
Just lost about 3 hours trying new URL and new IPs until get your post about the logs. I totally forgot the ALT-F3 feature. It could be a hint at opensuse help pages.



By rsantaliestra at Tue, 08/15/2006 - 17:50