I love the desert

I live in Tucson, Arizona, in the heart of the Sonoran desert, among the Saguaro and Javelina. I love it here; the desert has a unique kind of beauty: vast, sparse, ancient, and enduring. I love the spectacular sunsets, and the spicy smell after a long-needed rain. I love the tough resilience of desert life, which still somehow manages to reveal a fragile beauty now and then.

Last weekend, I did a ten-mile hike to the summit of Mt. Kimball, in the Santa Catalina mountains. This hike goes past Finger rock, which is a really distinctive feature that can be seen from all over Tucson.

Here's a picture of me at the top of Mt. Kimball, with Mt. Lemmon (the apex of the Catalinas) in the background:

There's nothing like being on a mountain!



By Jarosław Staniek at Wed, 05/10/2006 - 09:20

As the other member of "KDE developers of Arizona", I just wanted to say hi.

I am a retired engineer and live in Green Valley.

If you would like a few extra Javelina I chased one out of my yard Monday night so I have some to spare.


By james richard tyrer at Wed, 07/26/2006 - 07:12