Dead Trees

After seeing Seele's list of books I decided that I liked the idea. There's something in my personality that likes collecting physical media -- books, CDs, records. It's obvious when I move and I have a tiny amount of furniture, a box of clothes, a few things from the kitchen and then like 10 boxes of books and a pile of pro-audio gear.

I went through my Amazon list of orders and my bookshelf to figure out 2005. 2006 has been a slow year on reading thusfar, but to be fair to myself I've spent a lot of time reading bits and pieces of non-fiction and scientific papers.

Here's my list. Since I like the idea of tracking my reading, I'll probably keep it up to date as I finish things.

I've been sick (flu) for the last few days, so I've been reading a good bit again. Unfortunately being sick meant missing out on LinuxTag for the first time in five years. I've done a little coding, but that's mostly been on some local hacks that I'm kicking around. Most the time I've been holed up in bed.