Yeah, Mediawiki rules

As I agreed with most of these complaints (http://blogs.kde.org/node/1952#comment-4773) and people know I am complaining about the current wiki.kde.org engine as often as possible - here are news/issues on the topic:

  • Yes, http://appeal.kde.org/wiki/Appeal Mediawiki skin already exists and I'd say I love it. Is this going to be the new web style for KDE4 (Appeal-compatible, etc.)? I could help with a compliant skin for Mediawiki in terms of design/development.
  • For instance, look at http://www.kexi.pl/wiki/ (content and menu in polish but it's irrelevant) - it already uses KDE4 color palette, it's valid XHTML and nice CSS. Images are not clickable here, and thanks to some subtle changes, the web pages are more like regular pages than Wikipedia content.
  • It is relatively easy to develop plugins in a (relatively) clean way that, e.g. to add auto-links to Qt or KDElibs API docs if you write QWidget or KApplication word.
  • Look how the layout of kexi.pl Mediawiki pages were modified: unlike Wikipedia pages, there is no left-hand menu that takes too much space (you can switch it on again of course), so the layout is _cleaner_, you can publish docs containing large images, you are able to keep your content inside ~800-pixels-wide page. After logging in, editing menu appears (Special Pages, Last changes, etc.), take a look here. Below that, Content menu is presented with Edit, Discuss, etc. links.
  • The last but not least, recently I've managed to find a developer contributing with PHPWiki->Mediawiki converter for http://kexi-project.org/wiki/wikiview/ ; after that maybe Tikiwiki->Mediawiki for wiki.kde.org will be possible.

Summing up: nothing special but I believe it's a good way to make the wiki pages clean and pleasant for both authors and readers.

See also http://dot.kde.org/1110293679/1110315655/


I can only support you - it is very annoying for example when the wiki automatically changes to the edit state since I use double click for marking words to look the up with a search machine (double-click on the word to mark, then right click to get the context menu with different search machines) or to look the up in a dictionary since I'm not a native english speaker (double-click to mark a word again; a popup will translate it automatically).

So in the second case it is already kind of "accessibility" question for people who need to mark words sometimes to look them up in a dictionary.

Besides, I never figured out where I can find the discussion page or the history page which is vital for me using and especially reading a wiki.
It can be that twiki is a great piece of software - but in this case it does not provide what is needed, and therefore should be replaced as soon as possible. :/


By liquidat at Wed, 04/26/2006 - 02:13