I don't think this is yoga.

Some amusing advertising has come to my attention this week.

The first instance of such was all kinds of bad, and provided by the catering company that's used at my office. Now, bad advertising and ill-conceived food scheme are nothing new for them, but they hit a new low this week -- the "Volksburger". I'm not one of those with a fancy cell phone that has a built in camera, so I've reproduced the sign with a bit of quick gimping for your viewing pleasure.

This was two meters high, there were probably several of them made and sitting right in the entrance to one of the cafeterias for Europe's largest software company. I'm not sure specifically what made them think that socialist revolutionaries make good pin-ups for pushing hamburgers. They could probably run the whole office for a month on the energy generated by Che Gueverra spinning in his grave.

The second is of a somewhat less bad nature, but possibly even odder.

There are a couple series of short films at Lovely By Surprise and The Neverything. They're kind of quirky independent-ish film bits that kind of remind me of Wes Anderson gone even goofier. (This entry's title comes from the line just after the screenie above.) They're fun if you like quirky film and the plot is pretty creative. (They're two different sides of the same story.) But the puzzling thing? They're apparently part of an advertising campain by Lincoln and Mercury (cars). All that I can imagine is that they're hoping enough people will be confused by this and blog about it that they'll pull in enough links for it to pay off. (If this becomes a viable way for companies to funnel money into the arts though, I'm all over it.)