Well, after a long break I've finally had a chance to work on KDE again. As a start, I've been trying to get KPassivePopup into a sane state in the KDE 4 libraries. The first step was moving all the internals of the class into the internal data class, which was a bit of a pain but pretty easy. To make things more interesting, it turns out that the API that worked fine on X11, is actually ambiguous on win32 and macos X due to different definitions of WId in Qt, the fix was to remove the ambiguous constructors (which I'd planned anyway as part of making a more Qt4-style API). The question moving forward is if this class needs to allow subclasses to define new visual representations (probably via a decorator of some kind), or if it's better to say there are the following presentation types and that's it. Does anyone who's using the class have any thoughts on this?



One of the problems that kdialog (the application from kdebase) has is that it needs to set the icon and miniicons (plus geometry) - all the normal kde options. That is very hard on classes like KPassivePopup. I still have to check if your changes to the API will work out.


By brad hards at Mon, 03/13/2006 - 07:18