The problem with desk headphones...

... is that usually came with a not long enough wire :-)
After some hours spent in front of my home computer, even been a extremly good Stanton headphone, i've become tired of make my chair pass with his wheels over the wire again, and again, and again..
Yes, no damage of wire, it's all working, but i really want a wireLESS one finally.
The problem is as i live in a building, and like sound is a not so gentle volume, i think that people at my side would not like the weirdo sounds after 22:00, so i need the phones for the sake of neighbours sanity.
"We want freedom, to do what we want ... we wanna get loaded: ( Easy Rider moment on Primal Scream seminal song "loaded", album Screamadelica ).
In my case, i want freedom ... to go to my refrigerator without taking out my phones !
Ah, for reference, at this right moment is playing "Bad Base" from B.T.B.


yeah its like that everywhere... people confuse "freedom" with "i can do what ever i want". i feel its horribly rampant in my generation in the US. the problem is in a society we must learn how to balance our personal freedoms with the freedoms of the society. maybe its in response to the "Everyone is special, so we need to make sure they feel that way" mantra of our youth. :P

By Ian Reinhart Geiser at Fri, 03/03/2006 - 12:01