I deny all knowledge of glib!

I need to point out that I am the victim of identity theft (or another clee mistake, take your pick). I didn't work on Qt and glib. I think that may have been a Trolltech employee - perhaps Brad Hughes.

I personally don't mind using apps written using glib/gtk. However after some time with Ethereal, I'd rather not have to wash that API off me again. Qt is so much cleaner, and much more enjoyable to work on.

Hmmm, I wonder why the QDevBlog (http://blogs.qtdeveloper.net) aggregator doesn't put the authors' name in the post...


If you are afraid of C you cannot be called a real programer my friend.

By rams at Sat, 02/25/2006 - 00:27

Thats not an excuse for having a dirty and unpleasant API.

By sirtalon at Sat, 02/25/2006 - 00:54

Glib is one of the most cleaner C libraries out there, check them out.

But for programmers w/o real knowledge of the languaje would always be a problem, no matter how clean the librares are.

By rams at Sat, 02/25/2006 - 01:00

a clean api for a task that a language is not particularly suited for generally results in an ugly api. it may be nice given the language, but the the api itself may still be fugly.

you'll find most kde developers are well versed in C (we do work in C++ after all, where you'll find pretty much all of C and then some), so you may wish to take observations from us as being knowledgeable.

though i have heard about fools who look at wisdom and declare it foolish. *shrug*

By Aaron J. Seigo at Mon, 02/27/2006 - 00:22

I don't think I'm afraid of C. I did work on the linux kernel after all. I just prefer to work with the best tools available.

By brad hards at Sat, 02/25/2006 - 04:47