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Planning for CeBIT: Kubuntu CDs!

Tuesday, 14 February 2006  |  torsten rahn

A new year -- a new chance to spread the word about our favourite desktop environment at linux events. In Germany I already had the pleasure to attend the SkoleLinux Gathering 2006 in the sprawling city of Erkelenz. Carsten Niehaus, author of the popular award-winning chemistry application Kalzium, held a nice Qt 4 Workshop as well as a presentation about KDE-EDU there. After the Chemnitzer Linuxtage 2006 the next stop for a pretty huge event will be CeBIT 2006!

Visitors usually ask for CDs at the KDE booth and this time we are proud to be able to provide the user friendly Kubuntu operating system during CeBIT fairs. Just recently Jonathan Riddell sent me two large packages which contain almost 1500 Kubuntu CDs! A big "Thank You!" goes to Mark Shuttleworth and Canonical for supporting KDE. And a special "Thank you!" to Jonathan Riddell for delivering this awesome fine product :jawdrop: !

If you are an experienced user from Germany and would love to help us to demo KDE and Kubuntu at CeBIT fairs (Hannover, 9-15 March 2006) don't hesitate to write an e-mail to our mailing list!

... To be continued ...