Santa Clara

I'm in Santa Clara for the XDevConf. Flying from cold and rainy Philly to sunny Santa Clara is quite a change. I wish I brought my skateboard.

I couldn't get WIFI working in the hotel which was a little disappointing and I forgot to bring an ethernet cable. I went down to the reception and noticed that they charge $5 for renting a cable. I decided that I need to get something good to drink to forget that I'm about to pay $5 for renting something that I could buy for about $1. There's a neat juice store across the street so I went there. I started a conversation about the naming scheme they had for the juices (which was just sad) with the girl working behind the counter and I got my juice for free ("berry blitz with immunity boost" was the name). Equipped with that I went back to the hotel where I started talking to the girl behind the counter and got the ethernet cable for free. Can't complain. Next time I'll be aiming for not having to pay for the hotel ;)

Around 5pm Dave arrived in the hotel and we went out. This was the first time we've met. He's an awesome guy so that was a lot of fun. Around 8 Adam arrived with David Reveman, Kristian Høgsberg and Søren Sandmann and we went to an indian place to grab something to eat (well, "Dave and I" [insiders joke for a friend of mine] already ate so we were just serving as mental support - we all know how shy RedHat/Novell guys can get). On a sidenote given how few X/graphics hackers Open Source has, we really shouldn't be hanging out together ;)

What really makes events like this great is seeing all those people face to face and getting to hang out together for a bit. Presentations are just a side-effect. On those smaller conferences everyone knows what everyone else is doing. So presenting doesn't make all that much sense - having discussions about problems and solving them together is what really matters. Officially the conference is starting tomorrow and I'm sure it's going to be a lot of fun.


Good luck and some nice days at the conference! I hope you will provide us with news and status updates for all the stuff around X (and probably KDE and X) :-D

Related to this: we are working on a Xgl-entry in the german wikipedia and are discussing the state of Xegl at the moment (as long as we do not have a own article about Xegl it should appear there in a small passage). Someone mentioned Xegl is not developed anymore, the project has been frozen - can you post a short status update or a short message about the current state of Xegl?


By liquidat at Wed, 02/08/2006 - 10:23

Zack, I heard you last night on The Linux Link Tech Show and wanted to thank you for taking the time to do the interview. It was very interesting to hear you talk about KDE, software that I use every day myself.

I'm really looking forward to KDE 4.

On last night's show you asked for feedback regarding what people would like to see in appear in KDE. If I could take a moment right now, I'd like to post here what I'd like to see.

Recently I tested out the new Mozilla based browser suite, SeaMonkey. The one feature that I like about this new web package is the addition of "Roaming Access". Being able to take my settings, bookmarks and profile with me (on a USB key or upload to an FTP) is a welcomed addition. Now, I have a browser that I can use at home and at the office, with all of the same bookmarks and settings.

Saving some fundamental KDE profile settings to a USB device or FTP server, then taking it with me to another KDE desktop, would be something I'd like to see.

In closing, because you don't hear it enough... THANKS for all of the hard work on KDE. It's appreciated! ;)

By judland at Thu, 03/02/2006 - 19:19

So is there anymore information floating around about "glucose" or how ever it might be spelled? im dying with anticpation

By kane at Wed, 03/08/2006 - 15:13