Spread KDE

The first big thing today was the release of KDE 3.5.1, made possible by the hundreds of dedicated contributors which make up the wonderful KDE community. Especially the translators did some great work, so KDE 3.5.1 is available in the incredible number of 63 languages.

The second big thing today was the announcement of SpreadKDE, the new promotion site of KDE. This is brought to you by the restless guys from the KDE Marketing Working Group. Hats off for this nice new site.

But to put this into the bigger perspective of spreading the Free Desktop in general, I'm happy to see that a common free desktop marketing effort is being created, including people from both, GNOME and KDE. There is a mailing list for a start and certainly there is more to come. It makes so much sense to work together on reaching our common goals. More of this, please.