Ruby, Ruby, Ruby

Ruby is rolling. It's amazing how much enthusiasm it accumulates. There seems to be a broad movement of people exploring Ruby, using it and getting addicted. Especially because there is Rails. If there ever was a killer application for a programming language, here it is. Three examples for amazing Ruby adoption:

Example One: amaroK. Mark just wrote in his blog: (...) - And it means amaroK now depends on Ruby. (...) I like it.. Enough said.

Example Two: ClickSpotter. ClickSpotter is a nice app for analyzing web server logs and showing where your visitors come from on a world map in real time. It's done by Chris Schlaeger (you know him) with Ruby and the Qt bindings. Cool stuff.

Example Three: Converts. There are lots of blogs about comparing Ruby to other languages. It's interesting that prominent people are converting to Ruby. See for example the blog of David Geary, one of the key people behind Java Server Faces. He writes in "Tipping Rails": I couldn't stop programming with Rails. Or there is Steve Yegge, whose blogs were brought to my attention by Richard Dale. He writes in "A little anti-anti-hype" (with its great story about "quit" in the Python and Ruby shells): In fact it may have already tipped, with Ruby headed to become the winner, a programming-language force as prominent on resumes and bookshelves as Java is today. Is there more to say?

I'm having fun with Ruby, too. I use it on Rails for a couple of weeks now and my colleagues are already annoyed by my enthusiasm. But this is something for a different blog entry...


Example 4; Krita and Kexi are able to extend there functionality with in ruby (or even python) written plugins :-)

By Sebastian Sauer at Thu, 01/26/2006 - 10:15

This may be a stupid question, but will Korundum be included by default with KDE 4? For my part I think that would be great, as I love KDE, I love Ruby and I can't really stand C++. ;-)

By zingo at Fri, 01/27/2006 - 20:26