It's going to be a good year

I finally got most the implementation of the HTML Canvas element for KHTML finished. It's in the kdelibs-js branch in SVN. After George/Maks merge their other changes we'll merge it to HEAD. I'm planning to add full OSX Dashboard compatibility layer for Plasma (hence why I've spent most of the day yesterday on implementing the Canvas element).

CoreGraphics supports one thing that I need to add to Qt Arthur and that is a nice support for shadows. It's one of the extensions of the Canvas element from Safari that we won't support for now. I know how I want to do it in Qt, now it's just a matter of sitting down and doing it. This plus seperate transformations on fills and strokes which I had planned on doing anyway.

As for Plasma, I've been toying around with desktop mostly this week. Besides the Dashboard support I'm adding a fairly neat feature to the desktop. Our desktop is going to be composed of layers - each one capable of being created by plugins. The base layer is the background layer. Background layer plugins will be responsible for rendering the, surprise, surprise: background. Since they're dynamic we're going to finally have support for all those neat background effects. For example you'll be able to say, I want a layer rendering plain background, then on top of it I want a water effect and on top of it I want my icons and desktop widgets. Or you'll be able to say "I want background layer that renders backgroun as a perspective which changes with my mouse movements and on top of it icons and desktop widgets". You want E17 animated background? No problem, just load the edj background file, correct plugin will be loaded and will handle it. You want... plain background? Load it. And so on, limited only by the amount of permutations of the desktop layers people will implement. No hacks - everything supported natively.

On the xorg front Eric got Xgl working with xorg cvs, which is extremely cool. I added an older version of glxcompmgr to xorgs/app cvs. Dave has been doing some amazing EGL work. Try it all out, update xorg cvs, compile Xgl, checkout glxcompmgr and give it a testspin. I'm hoping to do most of the Plasma desktop code this week and do some Xgl magic soon after so keep watching cvs.

Spending the last weeks in Calgary with Aaron has been just awesome. Hook me up with a better laptop and a place right next to Aaron and KDE 4 will be out in about 3 weeks ;) Calgary is a very interesting city. Lots of skateboarders and graphics developers, but hey, given that I don't live here I think it's obvious they're missing the best of both worlds. I've actually done a lot more work during the last two weeks but I'll blog about that later because I don't want it burried deep down within one huge blog :)


sounds great.... there are soooo many dashboard widgets, and its SOOOO cool we can use them in KDE... amazing work!

sounds like KDE will be uber-flexible and crazy-beautifull, damn, you almost made me drool... support for edj files... wow!

and then, XGL work? is that novell's stuff, or just what has been in cvs for some time (untouched)?

By superstoned at Sun, 01/01/2006 - 12:32

you mention about 3 weeks, but as a joke, do you happen to know what the actual possible release date is for kde 4. I don't mean rush the work, but what time would it be expected to come out such as may or maybe next christmas.

You are doing good work and i am very excited to see what it looks like.

By bulldogsay at Sun, 01/01/2006 - 13:57

next christmas is afaik something they are aiming for...

By superstoned at Tue, 01/03/2006 - 08:22

Hi. I'm currently using OSX in my eMac G4. But I'm planning to take it off and put BSD on it and use KDE as my desktop. But now that I saw this I wanted to know. Will KDE 4 still have the "preferences (or settings)" ioslave (the one that allows you to have the kcontrol applets in a konq window and when you click in a kcontrol applet it opens in a standalone window instead of the kcontrol framework)? Will it be posible to make a layer that dims the screen and merge the widgets on that layer so that everything gets dimmed except the widgets? Will I be able to make this layer be hidden by default and use a keybinding to show and hide it? Will I be able to force widgets into this layer (make them go into it as soon as I install them)?

"Some people says that if you play a Windows XP install CD backwards you will hear demon voices commanding you to worship Satan". But that's nothing. If you play it forward it will install Windows XP.

By ptero-4 at Tue, 01/10/2006 - 01:15

it was nice year

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