Qt3 D-BUS bindings preview release

Just reached a releaseable state in my efforts to backport the Qt4 D-DBUS bindings to Qt3.
Basic usage works as expected, but I don't know yet if the marshalling code is sufficient for real world use as Qt4's QVariant is a lot better than one from Qt3, e.g. allowing user defined types.

This tar archive contains the a qt3/ sub directory meant to go into a dbus CVS checkout.

If you replace the old qt3 directory there with the contents of the archive, you can enable the Qt3 bindings build by passing --enable-qt3 to configure (after you have run make -f Makefile.cvs)

Kudos to Harald Fernengel for writing the Qt4 bindings!


one quick question. do you intend to maintain these bindings long term. well at least until kde4 is released.

By dennis_gilmore at Mon, 12/19/2005 - 15:02

Yes, I do. My KDE focus is now mainly the KDE3 series, because it will be the deployed and used platform for quite some time.

I need them for QDS, see

I am currently in a kind of experimental stage, as the only use cases are the ones I have in QDS.

So the bindings might be too limited in certain areas I didn't uncover yet, any other developer's experience with them is highly appreciated

By krake at Mon, 12/19/2005 - 16:04