KDE 3.5 YaST-Repository

KDE 3.5 RC 1 has entered the supplementary/KDE repository on and its mirrors. If you previously missed YaST definitions next to the packages hosted on, here you go. has instructions how to add package repositories to YaST. Don't forget to turn on "Refresh" for the installation source if you run SUSE Linux 10.0 so you will not miss any future updates.


Thanks for the news. I use SUSE 9.3, and have added the KDE 3.5 YaST repository to YaST.

I have noticed that qt3-non-mt has not been updated. I have one installed package, kpsion-0.12-344.1, which depends on, which is in qt3-non-mt, so I cannot use YaST to update my qt3* packages without either removing kpsion or ignoring dependencies. I don't need kpsion, so I will remove it.

But where do I report this packaging bug?

By Paul Leopardi at Fri, 11/25/2005 - 22:47

I also had to remove qt3-devel-32bit-9.3-7.1 before I could upgrade qt3. I am using the AMD64 version of SUSE 9.3.

By Paul Leopardi at Fri, 11/25/2005 - 23:03