Well.. I'm in the mood to write again in my blog, another one after many months of silence.

What to say.. I've started working hard on my degree thesis, trying to figure out how to setup an embedded box equipped with an arm9 cirrus ep9315 processor, with maverick crunch floating point unit. The most interesting part is that I have to recompile *all* the system from scratch, since I can't simply mix libraries compiled with software floating point with those compiled with hardware fp. So, basically, what I'm going to do is to create a gentoo stage[1,2,3] myself.
Many thanks to all the members of the #gentoo-embedded IRC channel and in particular to vapier who has just added glibc patches to support maverick fpu in the portage tree, and who has also applied the same patch to the uclibc cvs code.

When I'll feel like my thesis is in a good shape, I'll dive into the kget code again. I can't wait!!