KDE to Stay on Novell Linux Desktop and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

Maybe you haven't heard this yet as international pr[ess] is slow: After last week's reports that Novell plans to not ship the KDE desktop anymore on Novell Linux Desktop and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server products, the company got lots of feedback from its customers. And as is reported in the press (German) Novell listens to them and reconsidered its desktop strategy: Novell will continue to ship KDE also in the enterprise products as supported option and it's said that it will be easy to choose KDE as your desktop. :-)


Great news!

By zingo at Sat, 11/12/2005 - 11:16

I had been a loyal SuSE customer since the 6.x days, and I viewed the purchase of SuSE by Novell with much fear and trepidation. The current state of affairs is quite poor with all the infighting and power struggle BS that is quite apparent even from outside the company. For Novell to even _discuss_ dropping KDE from what was the ultimate KDE based distribution, seemed to me quite dumb; bordering on insanity. If they were not intent on supporting KDE, maybe Novell should have left SuSE alone, no?

Not long after Novell announced that they were going to drop KDE from SuSE and treat it as a "red headed stepchild" by only including it in OpenSuSE, Mark Shuttleworth endorsed KDE. I was interested in checking out kubuntu earlier, and this past weekend, I installed it. After grokking apt-get and synaptic, I've pretty much got the hang of it. It's nice to deal with a distribution that doesn't have management teams dedicated to infighting.

Seeya, Novell. Maybe I'll go back when the stupidity filters out.


"I'm not anti-business. I'm anti-stupidity" - Dilbert

By bmo at Thu, 11/17/2005 - 09:15