Re: My Dad's Thoughts

Jeffrey Stedfast is strengthening FUD about KDE developers on some planets. Strange that in the first paragraph he only cites a point for proof, Novell dropping KDE on certain products, which actually was true last week.

Users choosing their desktop based on troll postings are, sorry, just foolish. Jeffrey starts an unmotivated attempt to draw a dividing rule between those unidentified trolls and KDE developers. He makes the separation rather ambiguous despite his experience when coincidentally talking to a KDE developer (even in real life).

Over the weekend I have read many comments under KDE and Novell stories, the revoked story, the later hijacked one on it, Slashdot, the for anti-KDE trolls infamous OSnews and so on. I have seen many hurting comments (like KDE developers not being part of the Free Software community, and also about their future sexual life) posted by their readers.

I really fail to see how Jeffrey can claim a high moral position for GNOME desktop or its community in such things.


There's no doubt that as far as developers go, KDE seems to have a much larger percentage of whiners that will trash Gnome because of sour grapes. Maybe it's a european thing, who knows. You just never see Gnome developers bitching about KDE hardly ever.

KDE whiners need to grow up and move on with their project. They still have the best framework, but they are just horrible at projecting professionalism.

By Dave Lopez at Fri, 11/11/2005 - 01:11 seems to be monopolized by Gnome developers. Would it be a good idea to encourage KDE developers who have blogs to subscribe to as well? Perhaps the best way to reach KDE devs would be to blog about yourself... (I would have done that, but my blog is not subscribed to

That should balance out the voices on -- but more importantly -- show that KDE developers are just as committed to the Free Desktop ideal as Gnome developers are.

By vladc at Fri, 11/11/2005 - 02:55

"Dad, do you find that <the project I'm working on> is better than <some other project>?"
"Of course, son, of course. You're the best! My big boy!"

It's hilarious, really...

By Giacomo Lacava at Fri, 11/11/2005 - 09:08