Breezy and its "crippled" konqueror

Last week I updated my notebook from Ubuntu Hoary to Breezy. I was very pleasantly suprised when I noticed that they decided to make the "Simple Browser" profile of konqueror the default profile.
I added it one and a half year ago to konqueror in cvs and now finally it seems people start using it :-)

For those who want the "full" konqueror back:
Search for konqueror.rc (should be in $KDEDIR/share/apps/konqueror/). This is the default profile. In the subdirectory profiles/& you will find the other profiles. These profiles are simple xml files, so you can edit them manually if you like. You can also execute "konqueror --profiles" to let konqy list all known profiles for you. To start konqueror with one of these profiles, enter "konqueror --profile your_preferred_profile". You can also use the special kicker button to start konqy in a special profile. If you have konqueror preloading enabled, this might play some tricks on you. Disable it and set the number of preloaded konquerors to 0, then it will work as expected.



Hi Alex,

I've you read this comment aybe you've got some time to give me an idea of what Konqueror might be able to considering profiles int hte near future.

I'd especially like to know if a clean seperation between file-management and webbrowsing is possible. I think is is necessary because the needs of both are rather different when you look a the details.

I actually like the simplified browser profile for web-browsing there's a lot of stuff on konqueror's toolbars and menus that shouldn't be there in the first place and some more that's mostly only useful for file management (Open Terminal, Search Files...).

One good example in file-management mode is the google search bar - this is really annoying, especially with the new location of the adress bar - who needs the (internet) google search bar in their file manager?

Ok anyway, I think there can be a lot of simplification and tidying up done without removing Konqueror features from a somewhat obvious / clickable position.
I did some mockups and stuff, but really lack the expertize to do much more (I tried...)

One example that is a bit more work:

What about not removing the the 'profiles' feature completely from the Konqui GUI, but to make it simpelr - like it should have been from the beginning.

Right now you have three entries under settings about the profiles:
Load Profile
Save Profile
Manage Profiles

You can already save proviles within the "manage profiles" dialog. All that is to be done is to have "load profile" there as well. And bang - two more entries can go without using gui functionality.

There still can be even more simpler profiles as defaults, but with a little more work we all could have a) a very clean full-featured konqui b) an even simpler and easier profile and c) easy switching between both.

So actually the question is if Konqueror could handly a clean seperation between web- and file-mode for this.

Any ideas?

By chrisw at Thu, 11/10/2005 - 10:08