Pictures of Berlinux

Last Friday I had my first free day. And what did I do? Likely not what normal people would do. I participated on Friday and Saturday the Berlinux 2005 event. Berlinux took place the second time under that name and location and has only regional impact - but it's growing. I took some pictures with still the same old shitty camera. The KDE booth was (wo)manned by me, Ellen and Ossi. As usual for these events, I didn't find time to attend the talks - except my own about KDE 3.5 (no slides available as I used none). Spent most time at the booth answering questions or talking to other exhibitors. But I didn't fail to attend the social event with tasty buffet and the GPG key signing. And just before departing I paid a ransom to free a Geeko from BSD slavery (task: spot Geeko on the pic).