Wireless made easy?

Today I was asked on IRC (#kde-nl) if we have a decent wifi manager in KDE. KWifiManager does not work for him (hi rikva) as it has no support for WPA. To be honest I think we do not have a decent wifi manager in KDE currently. On you can find quite some tools. Some of them are really aging like KWirelessMonitor and KWlanInfo. When digging even further on you can find KiFi.

Luckily we also have the wonderful Wireless Assistant and the informative PyWireless. And KNemo? Does it know how to manage wireless networks? Nope. However there exists a nifty random WEP/WPA Key Generator.

Then I read this article about Network Manager.

You can click on your network of choice if you need to select a specific one. Otherwise the open network with the best signal strength is automatically selected. If you manually select a network, your network configuration will be statically configured for that network and you may have to go into your network settings program to erase it when you're done.

Woow ... that sounds great. Do we have such a thing in KDE? If so can anyone point me to it please?


NetworkManager is designed to be modular. You only have to create Qt UI (frontend), rest is desktop-agnostic. Maybe someone already coded that?

By zdzichu at Thu, 09/22/2005 - 10:32