UI Guidelines for Content Management Systems @ Berlin OSU Meeting

Today, we'll have another Open Software Usability meeting in Berlin, 20.00, at relevantive.

Today's topics:

  1. World Usability Day
    On November 3rd, it's the World Usability Day. We are planning an event in Berlin which will mainly address Open Source Usability. We have to discuss organisational things, such as finding a room, who volunteers, what talks and workshops to offer.

  2. CMS Usability Guidelines
    Once more, we will address Content Management Systems in order to specify User Interface Guidelines for CMS in the long run. After inspecting Typo3 a few weeks ago, we'll have a look at Mambo today and we'll set up relevant chapters of the future guidelines.

    On OpenUsability, there is a project for this purpose as well as a wiki.

  3. CMS for HTML Protoypes
    Furthermore, we want to clarify if CMS can be used to quickly produce HTML prototypes and click dummies which can be used for usability testing.

  4. Hope to see some of the Berlin guys there :)


Be sure to register the event on UPA's website, it may help in collecting participation :)

By seele at Wed, 09/21/2005 - 10:51

- one of the reasons why we chose November 3rd for a Berlin OSS Usability day is because we need less efforts for PR. It's quite handy to use the WUD communication channels to attract more usability people for OSS :)

By Ellen Reitmayr at Thu, 09/22/2005 - 08:10

I have been reading your blog a lot. I am interested in usability, and sit in the middle of Drupals usability efforts. Efforts to improve user experience of this CMS. You are using Drupal too, becase runs on Drupal.

So maybe you are interested in adding Drupal to your list? We can really use some usability expertise. People interested can catch me at ber at webschuur dot com. Or on off course.

Oh, and usability experts are most welcome on the oscon meetings in Amsterdam. Drupal hosts its own meetings these days. One of the projects there will be built around usability in Drupal. Exact details will follow on

By Bèr [email protected] at Wed, 09/21/2005 - 14:56

I've had a first look at Drupal yesterday during the OSU meeting and it immediately had a familiar ring :)

Sure we'd like to add Drupal to our list. The CMS guidelines are meant to cover CMS in general, that means the more CMS we consider and inspect the better. Also, we are no (not yet) experts for CMS and need advice and support!

Jan Muehlig (jm at relevantive de) will be in Amsterdam during the EuroOSCON. You should get in touch!


By Ellen Reitmayr at Thu, 09/22/2005 - 08:17