Pedestrian Lights

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Some of you may have spotted the funny pedestrian lights in Malaga: When jumping to 'Go!', the small green man starts to walk and a countdown tells the pedestrian how much time is left to cross the road. When counting 8 seconds, the man starts to hurry: He runs to get to the other side of the street :)

In my course on Monday, I nominated this pedestrian light as an example of really good usability due to the clear visual feedback. My students taught me differently: In Denmark, those lights were removed because the displays could not be read when the sun was at a low angle.

What does this tell us? There is no overall usability. What's fine for Spain not necessarily fits the needs of Northern European countries.


If you're just remotely to that place and happen to have Ellen around :)

By Stephan Kulow at Thu, 09/08/2005 - 16:49