First Work Day

Today I had my first work day - at Novell/SUSE, packaging KDE as successor of kAdrian Schröter (please note the part about "poor successor" on that page!) who became a lead for the openSUSE project. So call me biased what is "the world's most usable Linux distribution" from now on. :-)

SUSE Linux 10.0 OSS Beta 4 was released today, the right thing to try on my brand-new work place hardware. Explored the countless internal web pages and services of Novell/SUSE. Started to get myself familiar with the build system - even submitted the first, not yet fully written by myself, package.

Originally I wanted to write something about SUSE LINUX Products GmbH being one of the two coolest companies in the KDE universe but today's office temperature let me hesitate: it felt about as warm as being outside in Malaga. :-(


greetings from the across office ;-)

By digitaltom at Thu, 09/01/2005 - 22:09