Scripts with a KDE Feel

At the party last night I got asked to put my presentation from yesterday online. So, for now I've put it online on my website Thanks to everyone who came, I hope you found it useful.


Back in May, when I did a talk on KDE scripting I raised quite some interest (the HTML version of the slides still get requested often according to the server's stats).

After the talk I was approached by a sysadmin and we chatted a bit about managing KDE installations.

He was really glad I had mentioned kde-config as a possibility to get paths used by KDE.
One of the question I couldn't answer with certainty was how to bets deploy new icons to users desktops.

I wasn't sure if this could be handled by Kiosk as desktop icons are no configuration entries but files.
I advised to use some script in the global autostart directory using kde-config to determine the user's desktop path and just do a file copy.

Btw, do we have some kind of overview page for KDE's commandline tools?

By krake at Sun, 08/28/2005 - 21:26