it was a pleasing experience

Lately I publicly stated my opinions about what I believe is the "ideal opensource DE and world", but some people who doesn't share the same faith or the same political agenda kind of make me rethink about my conception of the world, and I don't talk about the trolls who commented on this website but those who sent me life threathening letter on my email accounts. Those who did this I must thank you because you might me realise that life is more precious thant the things you belive in ... and now OSS is going the way of religious fanatics and political activist, if you think about it's the same thing.

I want to say to those who I shared some of the online life and something meet in real space, you were great and probably more friendly that a lot of people I knew for years, you didn't even complaint about my really bad english the first time and I won't say a word the first time you heard me talking. I'm really sad that I must take some distance but I can't stand those kind of attack, even if they are not serious, they might become, I know myself, when I get passionate about something I'm passionate. I also know that I'm now the most diplomatic guy, I'm too sarcastic, cynical and sometime ironic (good word? I don't care now) for my own good, but we all know that those core personality characters are impossible to change.

I know I took some professional engagement for the end of this summer, all I can say is I will keep them. since I really try to be professional, even if my comments often don't seem like I am :D

anyway I might see you again after this period of personal reflexion, i might decide to stay in the linux/kde world or maybe I will simply move on to OS X or go back to winblows ... I don't know, so see you all in the future and guys keep the good work.

And for concluse to those who flood my mailboxes with those emails, it seem you succeeded in what you want to do ... is it for now or for good even me I don't know


this is sad, sad that you have people threatening you and sad that the experience was strong enough to make you even want to take a step back. I like F/OSS software, I use it both personally and professionally, but attacking someone this way about software!

Anyway, if you're here at OLS drop me an email and maybe we'll have a chance to grab a meal or a beer, if not best of luck.


By caveman at Thu, 07/21/2005 - 04:09

it seems that for some people what they use on linux and what the believe is their new religion ... so they are acting like christianity around 1000 with the crusade ... I wonder what they want to liberate ...

By Mathieu Chouinard at Thu, 07/21/2005 - 17:05

I think they wan't to keep it clean from "sarcastic" people.

By rams at Thu, 07/21/2005 - 17:13

Allowing others to influence what you think effectively gives the others power; thats one thing we all learned from the cowerdly attacks on various capital cities since 2001.
I have a great admiration of the general stance of the Londeners where refusal to change your way of life is the highest reward the Londeners can give themselves in their (actually; our) fight.

I honestly respect any decision you make, for the plain and simple reason that its your decision and yours alone. (well, depends if you have a family : )

Always keep your chin up.

By Thomas Zander at Thu, 07/21/2005 - 14:07

honestly the decision was probably made too quickly, I was back from a pub, and quite intoxicated, so I got pissed off really quickly. But I'm still taking the time to think about what I want in life ...

By Mathieu Chouinard at Thu, 07/21/2005 - 15:33

Chouimat, Lets face it, you are bald, fat,ugly, no girlfriend, you have a small penis etc.,in other words you have no life, your only hobby is to read a book on weekends and use the internet, the only place you are safe and have power and can get the attention from others, it is a shame that your way to get attention is with scandals and "sarcasms".

I could care less if you leave or not, but do a favor to you, retire, think in other stuff, get some air and get a real life.

btw, Is only "sarcasm". So if you are the evolutionated human you suppose to be you won't take this to serious, becase it is only "sarcasm".

By rams at Thu, 07/21/2005 - 15:53

I must say your description of me is not quite accurate. ok true I'm bald, fat not really I have some weight to loose tho, no girlfriend is really not true, let me explain it's true that I don't have any official girlfriend but I do have severals lady friend who come to see me on regular basis just for the most important part of the relationship (from a guy point of view). for the small penis part, I wonder how you got the information because I only showed it to women and my doctor. hmmm Is it you Dr.Robert?? I swear I didn't knew it was your daughter ...

Now the reading a book on weekend is not true, yes I read books but not only on weekend, and I must say I have other hobbies like going to pubs, listening to music and playing music too.

For the power part, I don't have any need for more power because you see I pay my monthly hydro bill :) What I did was not to make a scandal it was to express my opinions and impressions of a conference that I knew there will not must interesting things for me, but I decided to go just in case some of the talks can introduce me to some ideas or concept that I can use, after some modifications. As you see I didn't go there thinking GNOME or fd.o suck, you probably think you know my position on this. but with a the openmindness to try to see what we can or i can reuse from them, on the conceptual level.

See I acted like an evolved human and didn't used the tactic of let attack his person ...

By Mathieu Chouinard at Thu, 07/21/2005 - 16:29

Hey, I do not need to be close to reality, it is only "sarcasm"


By rams at Thu, 07/21/2005 - 16:34

this is bad, i'm really sorry for you! i don't know what to say...

i really liked your blog and your work, and it's sad things go this way. please, take care, and the best. hope to see you back soon!

i wish i could support you with more than words, but what can we do. again, the very best! this really really sucks...

By superstoned at Thu, 07/21/2005 - 14:59

Yeah, the FSF/GNU/GPL zealot fanaticism turns so many people off. The thing is they are a small minority, but particularly loud. In reality the open source and "free" software camps are completely different in ideology. This has been discussed many times before, but I'll refer you to this interesting read for another analysis on the situation


By Dave Lopez at Fri, 07/22/2005 - 06:04