Bad week

It's no overstatement to say that last week was one of the worst in my entire life. First, Saturday night, both of my bikes were stolen in front of my house (sometimes, Berlin sucks!). On Tuesday, after a business meeting in Munich, our airplane was cancelled. The substitute airplane had less rows than the original one making us feel like anchovies in a can. Even worse, on Wednesday, my hard disk crashed leaving a number of bad sectors where my home directory used to be. Hah - what a luck I did a BACKUP two weeks ago!

...famous last words...

Thursday and Friday, my colleagues and I desperately tried to extract home from the 40 gig backup. After several extract commands, each occupying the machine for about two hours, all it said was 'home/el not found in archive'. ARGH! My last backup before that one was in September 2004...

Deeply distressed about computers and technology in all, I considered moving to a small tropical island far from digital technologies and WITHOUT a wlan antenna or comparable modern schnickschnack. But after picturing my information- and communication-less life on the island, I discarded that thought and decided to give the Mac a try until a new HD would arrive.

Overall report: Beautiful, clear and lean desktop one might fall in love with (just as I did with KDE a few years ago). However, there are some shortcomings (e.g. docker, task bar, virtual desktops, focus follows mouse, learnability of features for power users...). I'll summarise them during the next weeks while thinking about / writing on the HIG -> Seeing other desktop environments' problems sometimes raises wonderful ideas on how to enhance KDE's usability ;-)

Oh, and for everybody who is concerned about my emotional state: luckily, in the end, good Daniel managed to extract my home dir *infinitegratitude!*. I got a new bike, a new HD, and I'm happily back working on my Linux machine :-)

- alles wird gut -