Artists of the world ... unite!!

Last night I have been lurking around at the KDE Artists website and saw a lot of cool contributions: Adrien Facelina 1 2 3, The-Error 1 2 3, Michael Doches 1, Lee Olson 1, Sebastian Sariego B 1 2 3, Will Hardy 1.

Nuno Pinheiro, Danya (from Flat* and Monochrome iconset fame) and Robert Wadley are working on the KDE icon set for OpenOffice.org (beware, this page is a hefty download and also a bit outdated I was told). We now see artists stepping up to work on al sorts of artwork stuff lately. Derek Kite of KDE Commit Digest fame asked for help on a new lay out for the Digest.

But of course we have more famous artists. Bastian Salmela (Basse) created these cool Konqi models for KDE and Kubuntu. We now even have a cool Konqi animation. Everaldo recently released the breathtaking Crystal Clear icon set. And don't forget Kenneth and Torsten who are also contributing artwork to KDE for a long time now.

Nowadays it seems that more artists are involved. The KDE-look.org website (kudos to Frank Karlitschek) and KDE-Artists website (thanks Janet) are really great! Just watch the Kollaboration forum to see how artists and coders are working together.

Still a lot of projects/applications/modules need some loving like for example K3B, Amarok, KDE-edu and even our own Planet KDE needs a new design (check the forum).

So artists of the world ... unite! Build a sophisticated graphic design onto this great technology called the KDE desktop!


It would be nice if there would be artistic themes for digiKam's HTML export. The best would be with GHNS support :-)

By Wilbert Berendsen at Sun, 07/03/2005 - 13:53