This week has been pretty cool =)

My partner and some hackers from the OSS project he's involved with have been gearing up for the ICFP contest (http://icfpc.plt-scheme.org/). I'm very interested in seeing what will be happening in the next few days as they work on the first stage of the competition entry.

I've been very surprised and pleased with all the positive feedback I'm getting at the moment about my first installment of a monthly features guide tracking KDE development:


I'm hoping this can help get more people interested in trying out unstable KDE builds to test and submit bug reports for better QA. I really have to say thanks to aseigo, mattr and Riddell for tons of useful information and being there to bounce ideas off. Especially thanks to physos for helping me so much with css! The KDE community never ceases to amaze me with the wide pool of knowledge about all kinds of subjects that's available to those who ask.

If anyone has any ideas of cool new features they'd like to see included in next month's edition, or suggestions about content I'd love to hear from you if you were to drop me an email or message me on IRC.

My next project I'm planning to undertake (after a bit of work on the plasma website) will be to start a localised KDE website for New Zealand. Being the only dot in my country on the http://worldwide.kde.org/ map isn't terribly much fun when I hear about all the interesting conferences and meetings that are happening in Europe and the USA. Hopefully I can drum up some KDE enthusiasts in New Zealand to keep me company =)


heh, don't worry... i hope to move to nz in maybe 10-15 years from now with my family... to make you company as well :P

-- keep in touch. berkus.

By Stanislav Karchebny at Sun, 06/26/2005 - 00:06

> Hopefully I can drum up some KDE enthusiasts in New Zealand to keep me company

Does Yoper maybe have something like a local fan club?

By at Sun, 06/26/2005 - 02:58