KDE Everywhere

Since today Kieler Woche started, here in Kiel, the largest sailing event in the world, and it's an extremely beautiful day, 20 degrees Celsius, a warm breeze, and clear blue skies, I decided to go outside (yes, outside, meatspace, I am not kidding you) and finally take long promised pictures of the KDE logo with our local tourist attractions as part of Cornelius' brilliant "KDE Everywhere" series. So here goes:
I've also submitted the UBoot one to kde-look. I wonder whom to send the logo next? Any volunteers? :)


I'll volunteer :-p

By thepunboy at Sat, 06/18/2005 - 16:01

If you send it here, I will take a picture with the Christ, and the sugar loaf.

By Carlos Leonhard Woelz at Sat, 06/18/2005 - 17:58